Varicose vein treatment

Treatment of varicose veins has improved significantly in recent times.

Varicose vein treatment

Minimal Access Surgery

The "stripping" operation is outdated, with the current treatments rather closing the vein than removing it. The cause of varicose veins is, in almost all cases, failure of the valves in the veins, with blood thus refluxing down the vein. By closing the vein, this problem is resolved.

This "inside the vein" or endovenous treatment is minimal access surgery, and is associated with much better outcomes and much less recurrence than older stripping techniques.

Techniques And Recovery

Gary is experienced in the use of various techniques, including closing the vein using heat derived from a laser or radiofrequency probe (endothermal ablation), as well as using a glue (adhesive closure).

The procedures are performed under ultrasound guidance in a day case setting, with early return to normal daily activities.