Thread veins

Thread veins are fine dilated veins lying in the skin, and are also known as dermal flares or spider veins.

Thread veins

Thread Veins May Be Associated With Deeper Varicose Veins

These veins are not usually associated with any symptoms, although may cause minor aching or itching. Many people affected by these veins find the appearance of the veins unsightly.

Thread veins may be associated with deeper varicose veins, or may form independently, when no varicose veins are present. It is best practice, when someone presents with thread veins, to establish whether any deeper varicose veins are present. This is investigated by duplex ultrasound, and will determine whether simple treatment of the thread veins is likely to be successful.

Treatment Of Thread Veins

The most successful treatment for these small veins is microsclerotherapy. This involves injections into the thread veins, using a fine needle. The substance injected (a sclerosant), causes the thread veins to become clotted, and disappear with time.